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Yes, low airfare for crew movement is important, but unless you get the rest of the formula right, time is more expensive than economy class seats. Industry surveys confirm that flight travel accounts for less than 5% of crew and staff movements. Travel Meadows has been handling that other 95% of activity for the Ship Management industry for more than 40 years. Those savings result from meticulous planning and advanced anticipation of challenges.
When issues do happen, we are proactive and fast.
Sudden staff movements, emergency replacements, last minute port changes, missed connections, flight delays, unexpected documentation issues and something as simple as a phone that rings in the middle of the night but no one answers – any one of them will cost thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, unless promptly addressed with effective action.
It’s our job at Travel Meadows to create the most efficient itinerary to move your people, at the lowest fares, from their departure city to their destination, on-time and on schedule. We pride ourselves on 24/7/365 “always-on” customer service by one of Travel Meadows executive staff with full authority to act. We have streamlined the process, so there is no delay waiting to get “higher approvals” or authorization for action.
And yes, Travel Meadows get you the lowest possible fare for those air and ground connections through carefully executed contracts with the carriers. We don’t need to go shopping. You get your answers as quickly as we can look them up in our database and confirm availability – so you can keep your people moving.
Call us today (+1-201-348-3400) and speak with one of our Travel Meadows executives.

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